‘It really is an amazing game; it leads to so many fun and sweet conversations without ever feeling heavy! Thanx ladies!’ - Dorien Goris 

‘Surprising, how it works to communicate in such a playful way, and how much you can discover about yourself and others in such a relaxed atmosphere. I thought the chore cards were really funny; they bend your thinking and make you look at things in a different way. All in all it was fascinating, different, fun to play with the family, valuable, and most certainly to be repeated. The positive points and mutual compliments really stick! You never get bored of this game, time flies… So spot on, this game, ladies of Treasure Hunter!’ – Erica Keijser

‘Great game for kids of all ages. I have played it together with my 12-year old son, a freshman at highschool. He also really liked the assignments and was seriously into it, enjoying all the personal qualities he saw laid out in front of him. It is fantastic to see how the game makes sure that the cards in front of you paint a better and better picture of who you really are.’ – Bianca van de Burgt

‘I just wanted to let you know that we (my six year old son and me) really enjoyed playing this game. We were happily surprised. And yes, really connected! “What a great boy our son is.” It made me (extra) appreciative of all the abundance we have, right here in our home.’ – Sigrid Mulder

‘For the first time I am coaching a teenager. She loved playing Treasure Hunters! And so did I! The game brought so many things up, that it led to a clear objective for her immediately. I am a huge fan of this game!’ – Anne Fermont

‘Treasure Hunters is a fantastic game for sure. I have played it with the children in my practice several times now. Super! The children also really enjoy playing. The chore cards are definitely working to the max! – Sophie Roosen

‘Wow, what a beautiful connection we had with our family this morning. Honestly, this game has so much silver lining; wonderfully illustrated, designed and quality with an amazing content!’ – Femke Hertog

‘What a fantastic game of cards! My children enjoyed it, laughed, and evolved! “So mummy, can we play again tomorrow?”’ – Chantal Leseman

‘What a wonderful, great, useable, beautiful and special game! The power lies in its simplicity and my, how I love that. And I realize all the work it must have taken to put it together, for which I thank you. I am really happy with the game, ladies, and I think all the children’s coaches following my training feel the same. I cannot recommend it enough!’ – Christa Wiersma

‘Today I played the game with a group of five children. It was so much fun to witness the interactions taking place all by itself! Great also to hear the spontaneous ideas and new rules that they came up with. Everything is possible with this game, without there being differences of opinion or fights. The children felt that this was about something else. A boy came up with the idea to put the cards in the order of “what you still want to work at”. Isn’t that just amazing?! And he will ask Santa Claus for his own copy of Treasure Hunters! That says it all! Thank you for this marvellous game!’ – Diana Mennens

‘Treasure Hunters is a ‘must have’ for everyone working with children and youngsters. Due to its simplicity it has a low-threshold structure, but the results are incredible: you literally see the players grow right in front of you, because of the positive feedback they receive. It is also recommended for families! When parents and children play this game together they learn how to revalue and appreciate each other again!’ – Vives Games archive in Brugge (Belgium)